Hard Consulting Corporation specializes in researching, developing and deploying solutions to industrial control challenges.

We have over 20 years of experience implementing advanced industrial monitoring & control algorithms, and communications systems.  Our personnel have designed and implemented novel, state-of-the-art components included within major SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) software systems, which have been used to develop monitoring and control software deployed world-wide in Traffic, Oil & Gas, Water & Waste-water, and Scientific applications.

Our wireless LAN systems empower remote facility operators to control widely dispersed equipment in some of the harshest environments on the planet, and our modern web-based user interfaces to traditional PLC-based systems provide mobile and remote system operators with access to your existing control systems.   We have also implemented Solar/Geothermal residential heat management systems, which are some of the most advanced (and comfortable) systems of their kind.

EtherNet/IP CIP Protocol Support in Python 2.7 or 3.7

EtherNet/IP protocol is growing rapidly as an industrial control standard.  However, custom Python software development for industrial control has been hampered by the lack of a reliable, inexpensive method for accessing EtherNet/IP-capable hardware, such as Rockwell ControlLogix or MicroLogix PLCs.  Our cpppo -- https://hardconsulting.com/products/6-cpppo-enip-api  module for Python on Linux, Mac or Windows makes it easy to access EtherNet/IP Controllers such as PLCs as a client, and to add EtherNet/IP protocol support to existing applications and devices.

For a limited time only, we are offering combined Annual Support + Commercial Licensing for just USD$1,250.00/yr!  Don't miss out -- add EtherNet/IP protocol support today.

PLC Data Simulation

For most industrial installations, PLCs are both necessary for day-to-day operations, and challenging to secure, test and develop software for.  Providing access to PLCs for new SCADA software, user interfaces or other related software is extremely risky, since most PLC protocols do not provide meaningful security or access selectivity.  A software error in new systems interacting with the plant PLCs can be disastrous, or even fatal!

What if you could simulate all of your installations PLCs, providing access to real-time plant data, and full PLC I/O capability, with full safety and assurance that no error of any kind could result in access to your plant's PLCs?

Now you can safely test and develop new plant software against real-time plant data, with full safety.  Our PLC Data Simulator -- https://hardconsulting.com/products/18-plc-datasim provides massive scalabilty, multiple simultaneous PLC protocols, historical data recording and playback, and full IP network failure simulation.

Javascript and C++ Reed-Solomon Forward Error Correction

Now a state-of-the-art, blazing fast implementation of Reed-Solomon error correction is available in C++ and Javascript, for production deployment in both hard-core industrial C++ control and communications software on Linux, Mac or Windows, and in Web-based (browser) and Server (Node.JS) Javascript applications.  If you are dealing with recovering data reliably from errors introduced during transmission or storage, then you need Reed-Solomon encoding.  Do your users have to enter data such as redemption of coupon-codes, geolocation data or software keys?  Stop frustrating them!  Reed-Solomon encode, and detect and auto-correct the entered data!  EZPWD Reed-Solomon -- https://hardconsulting.com/products/13-reed-solomon is available now, under GPLv3 and Commercial licenses.

SMC Electric Actuator Control from Linux

The widely used line of SMC Electric Actuators has been difficult to integrate with Python automation software.  We have developed a flexible alternative to SMC's EtherNet/IP, FieldBus and DeviceNet Gateways.  Easily control one (or up to a hundred!) SMC Electric Linear or Rotary Actuators directly, using their Native Modbus/RTU protocol over RS-485 serial, using our cpppo_positioner -- https://hardconsulting.com/products/12-smc-actuator

If you have an urgent control system or PLC communications challenge, call us at 780-970-8148 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss novel and cost-effective ways to increases the effectiveness of your controls technology investment.