Update -- Feb 24, 2016

As of today, the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project has published a "recipe" to repeatably replicate LENR.  This should lead to wide-spread replication, followed quickly by industrialization.  Rossi has completed his 1 year long industrial plant test, and expects publication of results within about a month; this revelation may expedite that publication.

From https://www.facebook.com/MartinFleischmannMemorialProject/posts/1124029104294454, here is the recipe:

Prepare thoroughly (Ni + LiAlH4 + Li)

  1. Bake Ni
  2. Reduce Ni
  3. Hydrogenate Ni
  4. Mix: Ni + LiAlH4 + Li
  5. Bake and vac reactor, add Mix, vac warm, add H2, Vac
  6. Heat to above Mossbauer determined Ni Debye (say 135C), pressure regulated to approx 1bar abs.
  7. Hold, pressure regulated to approx 1bar abs.
  8. Heat slowly to as close to Ni Curie as comfortable (Say 340C), pressure regulated to approx 1bar abs.
  9. Hold, pressure regulated to approx 1bar abs.
  10. Slowly lower temp to above highest known Ni Debye (Say 220C), pressure regulated to approx 1bar abs.
  11. Hold, pressure regulated to approx 1bar abs.
  12. Go as fast as possible through Ni Curie
  13. Hold, pressure regulated to approx 0.5bar abs.
  14. Cycle through 500C internal, pressure regulated to approx 0.5bar abs.
  15. Hold, pressure regulated to approx 0.5bar abs.
  16. Raise internal temperature to over 1200, pressure regulated to approx 0.5bar abs.
  17. Drop to around 1000 and hold, pressure regulated to approx 0.5bar abs.
  18. Raise internal temperature to near boiling point of Lithium

Some of the above steps may in time be redundant.

1h Thermal > x/β- (0-100KeV) emissions thermalised in Pb > IR/THz (via blackbody) > 5h (SSM)

A good summary of why this is interesting: https://animpossibleinvention.com/2016/02/24/breaking-the-e-cat-has-been-replicated-hers-the-recipe/


Cold Fusion, or Low Energy Nuclear Reactions as they are now called, are just one of a class of anomalous nuclear events that appear at low energy levels in various systems; hydride metal latices exposed to hydrogen isotopes producing gamma radiation, neutrons, Tritium, He_4, etc. and excess heat, biological systems (bacteria) transmuting elements such as Iron and even Cesium 137 (!), sonic bombardment producing collimated X-rays from the surface of metal plates. 

These types of events are simply not possible in any configuration of matter subject to the laws of atomic particle interaction as we presently understand them.  However, these events have been witnessed and reproduced across thousands of experiments, by independent researchers in dozens of respected labs worldwide.  There is no currently accepted theoretical foundation for this (although some very promising ones have very recently been proposed), and all evidence presented has been summarily rejected, a priori, by the wider physics community.  Respected, widely published researchers have been black-ballled by their communities for simply being involved in researching these spectacularly interesting phenomena.  

I have been very actively analyzing the data available for over 2 years, and recently attended ICCF-18, where I was honoured to meet many of the researchers currently questioning these phenomena world-wide.  This event was held in Columbia, MO at the University of Missouri, where the SKINR research labs are housed.  This one-of-a-kind facility is run by some of the bravest researchers I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, many of whom have suffered greatly in their careers simply for having the temerity to pursue the scientific method in this area of physics.




I attended the 18th annual ICCF conference (International Conference on Cold Fusion).  I was hoping just to settle in my mind whether or not there existed sufficient evidence to warrant further research.

What I found was, instead, an onslaught of both corroborating experimental evidence (old and new), and compelling new theoretical models consistent with both traditional classical chemical and nuclear effects, as well as with the observed bizarre, unexplainable "Cold Fusion" effects (and several other anomalous nuclear effects also previously unexplainable via the accepted nuclear models).

LENR Picture Begins to Emerge

In the 24 years since the 1989 Fleishmann-Pons announcement, the field of Cold Fusion has been relegated to obscurity, as the domain of conspiracy theorist and free-energy nutcases and (at best) pseudo-scientists.  While there have been many claims of observance of unexplainable "excess heat" effects in various metal-hydrogen systems, it has been impossible to reliably replicate them -- and this remains the case.  Even at this ICCF-18 conference, some of the researchers behind most exciting presentations were only able to claim successful replication of their own results over tens of independent setups of their own experimental runs!  Others encountered clear evidence of anomalous results (heat, energetic radiation, transmutation, ...) from their first experimental run.  Yet others produced evidence suggesting repeatable, reliable control of useful net excess heat output, in powers varying from W to kW, over periods of time clearly impossible to reconcile with any known chemical process.

Significant breakthroughs were reported by multiple independent researchers and private companies that lead them to believe they they are closing in on at least a descriptive method that may allow reliable replication.  Not easily, not cheaply and not without a very high probability of failure -- but at least with a probability greater than pure chance.  While this sounds...  terrible -- I must report that what I have seen leads me to the conclusion:

Excess Heat (from non-chemical source): Proven

Low Energy Nuclear Reactions in Ni-H and Pd-D systems, resulting in significant Excess Heat (orders of magnitude beyond any possible chemical explanation) is proven, with a probability close to 1.0. 

Production of Industrial Scale Systems: Inevitable

Furthermore, I believe the generation of industrially significant useful heat, in commercially viable embodiments, available to private individuals isnow inevitable, and in the short term (probably on the order of 1 year, perhaps even within months).  The implications of this are nothing less than stunning.  At least 4 completely independent, commercial entities (2 of which demonstrated or reported compelling evidence during ICCF-18) have produced believable claims that they are very close to being able to deliver reliable pre-production prototypes of production systems for testing.

One of the most compelling things about each one of these companies is that while they have independently arrived at possible theoretical models underlying their embodiments, each one made statements about various surprising measurements and observations they have made that were also consistent with each-other, and with the exciting breakthrough propolsals regarding the mathematics underlying the model of nuclear interactions presented later in the conference.

Nuclear Reaction Evidence at Bench-top Energies: Undeniable

In particular, multiple companies and researchers have independently reported strange electronic/magnetic resonances (some even at sonic frequencies) during the production of excess heat (these truly bizarre results, alone, could consume a lifetime of research).   Multiple researchers reported anomalous low-energy x-ray, tritium, gamma and neutron production during physical shock events (crack formation, thermal shocking, sonic bombardment from cavitation bubbles in high pressure-drop streams).  

Improved Theoretical Model

Peter Hagelstein delivered "Lattice-induced nuclear excitation and coherent energy exchange in the Karabut experiment", which I think might be more important than anyone realizes.  After years (and hundreds of failed models buried in the back yard), this soft-spoken physicist delivered some simple modifications to the accepted mathematical model describing the interactions of nuclear particles that not only retains consistency with the existing accepted nuclear interaction models, but predicts an "alternate" mode of interaction that encompasses many of the previously unexplainable interactions observed in 2+ decades of LENR experimentation.

Theories with testable hypotheses were proposed from multiple parties, providing exciting research opportunities for far more researchers than we can presently marshall to this field.  

Future Work

The economic and societal outcomes of even a single successful, commercially available embodiment of even a single one of these experimental outcomes could be world-changing.  

Advances in this field are, indeed, an existential threat to companies in several industries.  The energy industry, as just one example, would cease to exist in its present form, and companies involved in this industry would either change radically or cease to exist (over time) as well.

A threat "signature" for this industry would be a device that reliably produces heat energy at >350C, at an energy density > 1W/g and 1W/cm^3, and exceeds a COP of 3.0, and is provably from a nuclear process.  Once such an embodiment is available, almost all competing forms of centrally consumed chemical energy feedstocks (eg. coal, oil, natural gas) become obsolete, and traditional "alternative" or "green" energy (solar, wind, geothermal) ceases to be interesting.  I would challenge you to think deeply about why this might be, before simply discarding such a wild claim...

I propose to work with one energy industry company (or a small consortium), to attempt to isolate the key "activating" parameters around gas-loaded Ni-H and Pd-D systems.  The approach I intend to take will be to construct a continuous process-oriented bulk testing procedure employing a "genetical algorithm" approach.  We will be controlling the 5 or so known input variables:

  • Nanoscopic particle size, chemical mix and surface morphology, constructed by ionic deposition on a charged scaffolding particle in a continuous or automated batch process.
  • A test cell supporting testing of multiple samples (on the order of 10^2) simultaneously in a controlled temperature/pressure gas environment, with each cell isolated sufficiently to allow detection of differences in heat flow from the thermally controlled gas environment, through the sample, and then via conduction to the posterior surface of each sub-cell in the test chamber.
  • Detection of energetic signatures (heat, light, X and Gamma radiation, neutron and alpha particle flux) via an adequately transparent viewport over each sample.
  • Control of electrical signal to, and measurerement of resistance, capacitance and induction for each sample.
  • Control of acoustic pressure waveform via gas environment to all samples under test.
  • Control of magnetic environment of all samples under test.

By aggressively scaling up this process, and by directing the search space with some help from some of the more promising theoretical models (or, ideally, by partnering with one or more of the 4 most promising commercial entities claiming near-term commercialization in the LENR field), it may be possible to significantly advance the state of the art by detecting, measuring and following the isosurfaces in the scalar fields represented by varying these key experimental parameters.

In other words, direct the experimental parameters following the isosurfaces toward local maxima in a semi-automatic fashion, across all significant variables simultaneously.  This will require the testing of many thousands of permutations of these parameters; this can only be done (in a reasonable time) by employing automated methods in a process-oriented workflow.

This proposal is guaranteed to be very costly, and have the possibility of failure is great.  However, the cost is almost certainly only a fraction of the market value of even one of the top 100 energy companies.

To the companies in this industry, the occurrence of this event must be considered an ELE -- an Extinction Level Event -- and must be pursued with the appropriate vigor.