OEM Bin Level & Temperature Monitoring -- In Development

We are presently developing the next generation in remote level and temperature monitoring for dry storage facilities.

  • Intrinsically safe, for installation in explosive atmospheres (eg. grain dust)
  • Remotely accessible, with tens of kilometers range
  • Solar powered, or annually replaceable battery
  • Securely internet accessible
  • Real-time bin level sensing, using advanced Ultrasonics
  • Real-time bin temperatures, w/ 1 meter resolution

Intrinsic Safety

Due to very recent advances in ultrasonic and temperature sensors, and in long distance low power communications systems, it is now possible to economically design sensor systems which operate within the power envelope necessary for "Intrinsic Safety".  This means that the sensor system's power consumption is monitored in real time, and is never allowed to draw current sufficient to create heat or sparks capable of igniting any kind of explosive atmosphere.  Therefore, such systems can be installed, unprotected, in virtually any kind of environment, containing any kind of explosive vapour or dust.

Remotely Accessible with 10s of Kilometer Range

Using the latest LoRaWan technology, installations as large as a city-sized area can be installed and monitored, using a single inexpensive bridge device.

Internet Accessible

Secure and privileged remote accessibility over the Internet is designed in.  Ownership of a sensor device can be transferred, and authority for data access can be granted using cryptographically secure distributed ledger operations (ie. similar to Bitcoin)

No Wiring

No power supply wiring, and no communications wiring.  If the installation receives a modest amount of natural or artificial lighting, it can also operate without any physical accessibility at all.  Otherwise, an annual battery replacement or recharge can be scheduled.