Rockwell EtherNet/IP CIP Devices

What's The Value Of Speaking The Most Popular Industrial Protocol?

Could you increase the ROI of your software product if you could communicate with Rockwell and Allen-Bradley PLCs and other EtherNet/IP™ CIP™ devices?  What if you could add this capability in just a few hours?

Hard Consulting Corporation is one of only a handful of companies to have created a protocol parser capable of communicating with EtherNet/IP™ CIP™ devices (eg. Rockwell ControlLogix, CompactLogix and MicroLogix Controllers, Allen-Bradley PowerFlex AC Drives, etc.).  This proprietary protocol is commonly used in many industrial control solutions worldwide.  Until now, only expensive and inflexible C-based EtherNet/IP protocol parsers have been commercially available. With cpppo, you can access the development speed, reliability and flexibility of Python 2 or 3 to develop your next Linux, Mac or Windows EtherNet/IP™ CIP™ application.  Whether you are looking for an Open Source library or a Commercially licensed module for your next project, Cpppo may be the PLC connectivity solution you are looking for.

Forward Error Correction For The Web Era

Hard Consulting has one of the fastest and most reliable C++ and Javascript Reed-Solomon codecs available; up to twice as fast as Phil Karn's awesome implementation, a trusted industry standard.  The full library of Reed-Solomon codec and associated utilities and APIs is available under GPLv3 and Commercial licenses; the core Reed-Solomon codec implementation in C++ is licensed under the terms of the LGPL.

Large-Scale PLC Data Simulation and Historical Playback

If you are a large-scale user of remotely controlled EtherNet/IP CIP or Modbus/TCP capable PLCs, and you wish to upgrade your control system -- how do you commission and test the new control system on real live field data, without endangering your remote facilities?

You simulate them, with real-time field data!

Remotely accessing PLC data is inherently dangerous.  With most PLC protocols, any program that connects can both read and write PLC data -- with potentially disastrous results.

If you wish to safely access real-time PLC field data (for example, to test new industrial communications and control software), you can simulate up to 1000 PLCs (in a single commodity server), using both Modbus/TCP and EtherNet/IP CIP protocol access, with full access to real-time field data from your actual PLCs.  You have full read/write access to the simulated PLC -- with no risk of writing data to your real field PLCs!

  • Simulate network bandwidth limitations and failures
  • Record and replay historical data
  • Interact with PLC simulator data via Web interface
  • Script automation and/or events using REST or Web Sockets API

Control SMC Electric Actuators from Python

SMC produces a wide variety of Electric Actuators. These are typically controlled via SMC Gateway Units, providing access via several industrial protocols such as DeviceNet, EtherNet/IP and ProfiBus.

These protocols are typically accessed using industrial control software and devices such as PLCs. To control your SMC actuators directly from a Python program, you can skip the SMC Gateway, and directly access the actuator Controller using its native protocol.  You can reduce the expense of your installation by eliminating the SMC Gateway, and you can run your own Python software on the same industrial computer used to communicate with the SMC actuator Controllers.

OEM Bin Level & Temperature Monitoring -- In Development

We are presently developing the next generation in remote level and temperature monitoring for dry storage facilities.

  • Intrinsically safe, for installation in explosive atmospheres (eg. grain dust)
  • Remotely accessible, with tens of kilometers range
  • Solar powered, or annually replaceable battery
  • Securely internet accessible
  • Real-time bin level sensing, using advanced Ultrasonics
  • Real-time bin temperatures, w/ 1 meter resolution